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Bellgrove is a neighborhood in Hopkins, Minnesota that is known for its vibrant community spirit. The neighborhood is home to a variety of businesses, including a grocery store, a pharmacy, and several restaurants. Bellgrove also has its own community center, which hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year. One of the highlights of the community center is the Bellgrove Farmers Market, which takes place every Wednesday from June through October.

The farmers market features a variety of local vendors, selling fresh produce, baked goods, and other handmade items. Visitors to the market can also enjoy live music and entertainment. The Bellgrove Farmers Market is just one of the many reasons that Bellgrove is such a great place to live.


According to the 2010 census, Bellgrove is a neighborhood with a population of just over 4,000 people. The vast majority of residents (88%) are white, with smaller percentages of Hispanic or Latino (6%), African American (3%), and Asian (2%) residents. The median household income in Bellgrove is $85,000, and the median home value is $275,000. Just over half of all households (51%) own their homes, while the other 49% are renters.

The average commute time for residents is 27 minutes. The most common industries for employed residents are healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. And the most common occupation for residents is management. With its diverse population and strong sense of community, Bellgrove is a wonderful place to call home.


Education in Bellgrove is top-notch, with plenty of great options for students of all ages. For elementary and middle school students, there are the Hopkins Public Schools, which are consistently ranked among the best in the state. High school students have the choice of attending Hopkins High School or one of the many excellent charter schools in the area. And for those looking to further their education, Bellgrove is home to Augsburg University and North Hennepin Community College. With so many great educational opportunities, it’s no wonder that Bellgrove is such a popular place to live.


Bellgrove was once a thriving community for immigrants from Germany, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Today, the neighborhood is home to a diverse mix of cultures, and its vibrant Main Street is lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes.Bellgrove is also a popular destination for tourists. The neighborhood’s proximity to Minneapolis and Saint Paul makes it an ideal base for exploring the Twin Cities. And with its historic homes and tree-lined streets, Bellgrove is a delightful place to stroll around on a summer day.

Overall, Bellgrove is a great neighborhood. The people are friendly, the homes are well-maintained, and there is a strong sense of community. The schools are excellent, and the crime rate is low. If you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly neighborhood, Bellgrove is definitely worth considering.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a quiet, friendly neighborhood, Greenwood Hills is the perfect place for you. With its tree-lined streets and well-kept homes, Greenwood Hills has a small-town feel, yet it’s just a short drive from Minneapolis. The residents are a tight-knit group, and they take pride in their neighborhood.