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Edinborough Park

Edinborough Park is one of the most popular spots in Edina, MN. The park features a playground, a basketball court, a soccer field, and a walking path. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family or friends.

What To Do

If you want to enjoy a day filled with fun and entertainment, make sure to check out the 1-acre indoor park in Edina, Minnesota. The city of Edina operates Edinborough Park, which features a junior-Olympic size swimming pool and a 250-seat Greek-style theater. There are also a variety of events happening at Edinborough Park each year, including concerts, plays, and family-friendly events.

When you travel to Edina, Minnesota, make sure to check out Edinborough Park. This indoor park has something for everyone, no matter what age you are. Make sure to check out the rules, and any special events to find the best time to travel to Edinborough Park. There are several ways to reach Edinborough Park by bus, train, and light rail.


In Edina, Minnesota, visitors can enjoy an indoor park. Edinborough Park is a one-acre, city-operated facility featuring a junior Olympic-size swimming pool and a 250-seat Greek-style theater. Visitors can also watch a movie at the park’s theater. For the whole family, there’s something to do at Edinborough Park, including a miniature golf course and a café.

In addition to the outdoor park, Edina is home to many historic landmarks, including several historic houses and the Edina Historical Museum. Families can also visit the Edinborough Park PlayPark, an indoor playground for kids. In addition, the Edinborough Park Amphitheater hosts free events including magic shows and movies. The park is also available for rental for birthday parties. There are many other attractions and activities in Edinborough Park, making it an excellent destination for family vacations.

Plan Your Visit

If you love to swim and are looking for a fun family day out, plan your visit to Edinborough Park in Edina, Minnesota. The city operates this indoor park and features a junior-Olympic size swimming pool. The park also features a 250-seat Greek-style theater. In addition, the city offers special events throughout the year. So, whether you want to attend a Greek-style play, catch a movie, or simply enjoy a relaxing movie at the park, there is sure to be something to keep you entertained!

Edinborough Park is a great place to visit any time of year. Whether you’re looking for a place to take your kids to play or a place to take a peaceful stroll, it’s sure to please.


If you’re looking for a place to take art classes in the Edina area, the Art Center is definitely worth checking out. They have a wide variety of classes for all skill levels, and the instructors are top-notch. Plus, the center is home to some really incredible art exhibits. So if you’re ever in the area, be sure to swing by and check it out!

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