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Southdale Center

Southdale Center, located in Edina, Minnesota, is a popular mall for shoppers of all ages. The mall has a wide variety of stores and restaurants, making it a great place to spend a day. In addition to its retail offerings, Southdale Center also has a movie theater and several other attractions that are sure to keep visitors entertained.


The mall was built in 1956 and has been a staple of the city since then. Southdale Center, located in Edina, Minnesota, is one of the nation’s first indoor malls. It was built in 1956 by real estate developer Dayton Company and designed by architect Victor Gruen. The mall is home to over 100 stores and services, a food court, and a movie theater. The mall was renovated several times over the years to add over 100 stores and renovate the mall’s interior spaces. This helped the mall to stay competitive with the growing competition.

What to Expect:

The mall is home to several national chains that have a strong presence in the Edina area and the Twin Cities. The center is open Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM and on Sundays 12:00 PM-6:00 PM. The center also has several restaurants and entertainment options. There’s something for everyone at this popular shopping and entertainment destination.


Southdale Centre is a hub for many different stores and chains including department stores such as Macy’s and Sears, as well as specialty stores such as Apple Store and Sephora. It features over 100 stores, including Macy’s, Sears, PXG, Madewell, Brighton Collectibles, and J.Crew. One can find a variety of different things in the mall ranging from women’s apparel to gifts and jewelry.


The mall offers visitors a selection of shops and restaurants, including a supermarket that stocks a unique array of wine, beer, and liquors. The mall is full of a variety of dining options. Tours of restaurants, like Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Changs are at your disposal, as are grab-and-go options, including Qdoba Mexican Grill and Panda Express.

Fun for the Whole Family at Southdale Center as parents can shop till they drop at the dozens of stores and boutiques. And when it’s time for entertainment, watch the latest movies available at AMC Theaters. Southdale Center is a shopping destination for locals, but it also provides plenty of attractions for visitors as well.


Wooden Hill Brewing Company is a small, independently-owned brewery located in Edina, Minnesota. They focus on brewing high-quality, small-batch beers that are both flavorful and unique. Some of their most popular beers include the Foothills IPA, the Nut Brown Ale, and the Cabin Fever Winter Ale.

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