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Erik’s Minnesota Adventures

Erik’s Minnesota Adventures offers a unique opportunity for young adults with autism to explore Minnesota. To provide more in-depth and stimulating travel experiences for individuals on the autism spectrum, Erik’s Minnesota Adventures has developed a tour guide program. These engaging tours take guests on various journeys throughout the state, exposing them to its rich history and natural beauty. By participating in these tours, guests develop stability and confidence, fostering a deeper appreciation of their surroundings and connectivity with other travelers.

How does the program work?

Erik’s Minnesota Adventures, part of Erik’s Retreat’s tour guide program, allows members to lead tours for guests at the Retreat or guests from the community, all volunteers who give their time and energy to attend these exciting adventures conducive to Erik’s core values of voluntary, bidirectional integration through voluntourism, community service, and life-long learning. As you participate in Erik’s Minnesota Adventures, you help to build stability for the people involved by providing them with stimulating and rewarding work opportunities that provide much-needed social stimulation and a sense of accomplishment allowing them to continue learning and growth as they build confidence and apply their newfound abilities to society.

What kind of activities are available?

Erik’s Minnesota Adventures is a unique program designed specifically for young adults with autism. The program provides a structured environment where participants can explore their interests and develop new skills while interacting with like-minded individuals. Erik’s Minnesota Adventures has been proven to be a successful intervention for individuals with autism, and the program is now expanding to other states. As tour guides, they help adult volunteer groups to take group tours, which allow the opportunity for them to share their abilities and areas of expertise in the areas of the fine arts, history, sports, and environment. Each guided tour welcomes guests arriving at both of the local lodging establishments.

How do participants spend their days?

Each tour features individuals who stay at either Erik’s Retreat or Erik’s Ranch as well as helpers from the neighborhood. Our program provides admirable opportunities for teens with autism. Volunteer tour guests can nurture friendships because tour guides can appreciate the effort exerted by voluntourists, or friends who volunteer for tour guests. Through listening and learning, voluntourists can contribute to the tour guides revitalizing the tour experience.

In a world that often feels isolating and overwhelming, Minnesota Adventures provides a much-needed sense of community for young adults on the autism spectrum.


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