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Paisley Park

Paisley Park is a world-famous recording studio and performance venue in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The site was originally built in 1987 by Prince, and it served as his creative hub for many years. Today, Paisley Park is open to the public, and it offers a variety of tours and concerts throughout the year. The facility includes multiple studios, rehearsal spaces, and a state-of-the-art theater. Visitors can also see Prince’s personal belongings, including his famous purple piano. Paisley Park is a must-see for any fan of Prince or music history.

What To Do

Paisley Park provides visitors with a rare peek into Prince’s creative process. The estate includes a 65,000 square foot complex that houses Prince’s recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and private living quarters. Paisley Park also features a beautiful concert hall where Prince often performed impromptu concerts for his fans. These days, Paisley Park is open for public tours, and visitors can explore the estate at their own pace. While there’s no guarantee of seeing a ghostly apparition of Prince himself, a visit to Paisley Park is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience.


Paisley Park is a world-renowned recording studio and the principal residence of the late musician Prince. Visitors to Paisley Park can take a guided tour of the facility, which includes a look at Prince’s private living quarters and an exhibit of his iconic guitars. The tours are followed by a screening of a short film about Prince’s life and work. In addition to the tours, Paisley Park also hosts occasional concerts and events. The complex is also home to Prince’s famous Purple Rain motorcycle, which is on display in the lobby.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Paisley Park, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the tour requires a ticket, which must be purchased in advance. Second, the tour does not include access to Prince’s private residence. And finally, there is no photography allowed inside Paisley Park. With these things in mind, your visit to Paisley Park will be an unforgettable experience.

Paisley Park is a magnificent place. It is the home of the late great musician, Prince. The park is full of his music, videos, and pictures. It is also the site of his memorial service. The service was held in the atrium, which is a large room with a glass ceiling. It was a beautiful and fitting tribute to an amazing artist. After the service, visitors were able to tour Paisley Park. The tour included the recording studio, rehearsal spaces, and private living quarters. It was a fascinating glimpse into the life of a very private man. Paisley Park is a wonderful tribute to an incredible talent, and it is a must-see for any fan of Prince.


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