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Cleaning Up Water Damage After a Pipe Bursts

Water damage and restoration firms get a lot of calls regarding busted pipes and floods this time of year. Pipes that aren’t properly insulated are vulnerable to freezing and rupture when temperatures drop. And, if you live in a cold-weather area, the risk of freezing occurs even if your home and pipes are well-insulated.

What Makes Pipes Burst?

Though freezing temperatures are the primary cause, the science of burst pipes is mainly concerned with ice and pressure. Because ice has a greater volume than water, when water inside a pipe freezes, it expands and causes pressure. The pressure builds up until the pipe splits or bursts. If the water thaws or any unfrozen water reaches the damaged location, it can only travel one way: out the pipe. Turning on faucets helps prevent bursting and flooding because it reduces pressure, so even if the water freezes, there will be no serious flood damage.

What Should I Do If a Pipe in My House Bursts?

The first thing you should do if you see a frozen or burst pipe is to turn off the main water supply. This minimizes floods because no water will enter your home. The next step is to contact a professional restoration firm. If you are unsure where the problem occurred, they can locate it and perform any necessary repairs. Most restoration businesses have plumbers on hand who can be called promptly if necessary. It is critical to remember that you should not enter a flooded area until you are certain it is safe and there is no risk of electrocution. If flooding occurred as a result of your failure to recognize the problem in time, you will need to deal with a professional restoration firm for assistance with cleanup.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professionals to Repair a Burst Pipe?

The most obvious reason to call in professionals when a pipe freezes or bursts in your home is so that the situation may be resolved as soon as possible. Your goal is to avoid harm as much as possible and to repair any damage that does occur as soon as feasible. Professional restoration firms can assist you with this. You can get help from restoration businesses with:

  • Determining the exact location of the burst pipe and the extent of the damage to your property
  • Using professional equipment to determine the water’s course through your property
  • Identifying water-damaged surfaces in your home, such as ceilings, walls, flooring, fixtures, and mechanical issues
  • Determining the best strategy for cleanup and restoration

Can I Repair a Burst Pipe Without Professional Assistance?

After a pipe bursts in your home, you may be tempted to do your own cleanup and restoration, but this can be a costly error. Remember that simply drying out the space and replacing any damaged carpeting or furniture is not enough. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, and an inspection must be performed to ensure that mold and other risks are not present. Professional water restoration businesses also have the skills and equipment to complete the job correctly the first time, which can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. To assist you with floods and water damage, restoration companies employ a range of tools, including:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air transporters
  • The heating system
  • Cameras for thermal imaging
  • Meters for measuring humidity
  • Systems for drying wood floors
  • Dehumidifiers with desiccant
  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Water extraction systems
  • Drying in the wall cavities

Following a flood, restoration companies provide a complete service plan that ensures your home is properly cleansed and free of pollution. If you have a busted pipe or need assistance after a flood, call Bedrock Restoration at 612-834-1501.