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Frozen & Burst Pipe Repair


Any homeowner might find the experience of frozen and burst pipes to be overwhelming. The effects quickly cause pipes to start leaking and breaking. Leakage in excess can seriously harm your home’s interior. Call a reliable emergency contractor right away if a pipe is leaking into your walls or ceilings so they can assist you right away.

In the chilly winters, frozen or burst pipes are a common occurrence. If this occurs to you, you can trust Bedrock Restoration!

What Your Home May Experience If Your Pipes Freeze or Burst

Due to the water’s rapid expansion in the subfreezing temperatures, pipes break. The pressure on the pipe walls may increase as a result of this expansion. Unfortunately, it occurs more frequently as the temperature drops consistently below zero.

This frequently happens when the home heating malfunctions or if the heat is significantly reduced during extremely cold weather. The most at risk items during a cold snap can be pipes, sinks, tubs, and appliances that are near an exterior wall.

You might not realize there is a problem for a while if it occurs outside of our typical site. For instance, a bathroom that is rarely used might have been leaking for hours before you noticed it. Even noticing low water pressure in other parts of the house could reveal a problem. By then, the water might have seeped into the nearby drywall or been dripping into the space.

Gallons of water can be released quickly from burst pipes. The total cost to fix the pipes and the resulting damage to your home may be expensive. For this reason, you require a dependable contractor.

5 Reasons For A Burst Pipe

To avoid the most common causes of a burst pipe emergency, you need to be aware and be ready to take action. These circumstances include:

Frozen Pipes

The plumbing in your home is susceptible to severe damage from cold temperatures. In the winter, frozen pipe repair is frequently necessary because the water inside the pipe freezes, expands, and completely breaks as a result. When the ground outside freezes, the coldness seeps into your house through the foundation and up into the floors, walls, and ceilings, causing damage.

Tree Roots

Never place a tree with extensive roots close to your main plumbing lines. Your plumbing is the most convenient source for trees as they expand and seek out more water. The smallest leaks will be caused by the roots, which will eventually cause the pipes to burst.

Construction Damage

The main water lines should always be located by a contractor before beginning any work on your house. Your plumbing could be put under a great deal of stress from an excavation or a large truck parked improperly, which could eventually result in a burst pipe.

Scale Buildup

Hard water is the source of the mineral buildup known as scale. In fact, this buildup can become so large that it completely obstructs a pipe, putting a lot of pressure on your pipes and possibly leading to a rupture.

Old Pipes

Your home’s plumbing has a shelf life, just like everything else. A burst pipe may be on the horizon if your house is older and has poorer quality piping. Old pipes eventually deteriorate and break completely, causing water leaks.

An Economical and Reliable Option for Pipe Break Emergencies

The skilled emergency contractors from Bedrock Restoration will arrive at your house or place of business right away to take care of the problem. We have the right tools to find the leak right away and repair the damage it has caused. We work with a network of trusted plumbers that can also repair the root cause.

A frozen or burst pipe’s urgency is something we understand. Before the contractor comes, there are a few things you can do to limit the damage.

Upon discovering a frozen or burst pipe:

– Turn off the main water valve to stop water from flowing through the damaged pipe.

– Give the contractor a call right away!

We understand the temptation to attempt DIY pipe repair in order to avoid calling a contractor. As water expands, pipes can burst, so attempting to thaw them on your own could make matters worse.

Additionally, piping can be insulated in the future to keep it warm even in the coldest weather. When leaving town in the winter, we also advise leaving the thermostat set at a temperature higher than 60 degrees. You might also want to call a neighbor to check on your house if it begins to snow while you’re away.

All of these precautions are designed to help ensure that you never experience another frozen or burst pipe.

Emergency Pipe Repair

As they thaw pipes, our contractors are trained to reduce the risk to your house and are aware of how to stop further damage from happening. The Twin Cities and surrounding metro area are served by Bedrock Restoration. There is no need to wait when a pipe is frozen or burst. We can assist you in resolving the problem right away! To learn more about how we can help, get in touch with us right away.

Is water flooding your home as a result of a broken pipe?

Get the best care and service for burst pipes and water damage in and around the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area!

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