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The Most Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are an excellent addition to any home. They help avoid basement flooding, protect you from sewage backup, and may even raise the value of your house. They can, however, fail, as do most things. What causes a sump pump to fail is the damage it is supposed to protect your home from. Understanding why sump pump failures might help you avoid them and protect your house.

How Does It Work?

A sump pump’s operation is straightforward. A sump pump is a device that eliminates water from your property and is usually located in the basement. As it fills with water, the pump activates (via electricity) and pushes the water away from the house’s foundation via piping. When the pump fails (frequently submerged in standing water beneath your home), you may be left with contaminated or still water that can damage your foundation and carry disease.

Typical Sump Pump Failures

Sump pump failure may occur for several reasons. Here are some of the most common causes of sump pump failure.

Power Outage

The most typical cause of sump pump failure is a power interruption caused by extreme weather or a storm your home powers sump pumps, so power outages can be problematic. Since power outages occur randomly, a backup generator is the best method to counteract this.

Inadequate Maintenance

If your pump has stopped working unexpectedly, it needs a good cleaning and quarterly maintenance. To extend the life of your sump pump, you should get it serviced regularly. If your sump pump isn’t operating right now, consider putting a vinegar solution through it and cleaning it out.

A Stuck Switch

A jammed switch is one of the sump pumps’ most prevalent mechanical issues. This issue arises when the pump moves inside the basement, allowing the float to activate the pump. It is also conceivable that some debris may get lodged under the float, rendering it ineffective. This is easily remedied with a bit of cleaning and simple pump adjustments.

Frozen Discharge Pipe

If your sump pump discharge pipe freezes or becomes blocked with debris, water will run back down the pipe and into your basement, resulting in a flood. Although keeping your pipes from freezing is impossible, you may build a specifically discharged line that lets water depart your basement even if the main pipe remains frozen. If your basement floods due to a sump pump failure, contact Bedrock Restoration, and we will gladly assist you.

Poor Installation

Your sump pump is seldom installed incorrectly, but this might be the culprit if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your pump. Poor installation might cause a variety of problems. These are some frequent installation issues and their solutions:

  • The discharge line’s check valve is not fitted. You’ll hear the pump operating without a check valve, but it won’t be pumping.
  • The discharge line has an improper diameter. Most pumps need a tiny air-relief hole in the line to relieve pressure from the output pipe.
  • The pump is set in sand or gravel. Dirt and gravel may enter your pump, create blockages and damage, and disrupt the float alarm.

Old Age

Years of wear and tear, like other devices, will ultimately lead to the breakdown of your sump pump. A sump pump has an average lifetime of eight to ten years. Although some pumps may last longer, replacing your pump every ten years is suggested to guarantee safety and efficiency. In that case, you always want to start by speaking to your insurance agent about the coverage on your policy.

At Bedrock Restoration, we understand that water damage caused by sump pump failure can be devastating. We provide an experienced team to inspect and assess the damage on your property for insurance claims. Our staff will take detailed photos of the affected areas, creating a comprehensive report with details about the severity of the damage, costs associated with repair or replacement, and the recommended course of action.

What Damages Can Sump Pump Failures Cause

Sump pumps are fantastic tools, but if utilized improperly or without taking the required precautions to avoid failure, you might have a flooded basement and extensive water damage. Don’t be concerned if your house has suffered water damage due to a faulty sump pump. Bedrock Restoration specializes in water damage restoration. Call us, and we’ll dispatch someone to assist with the damage and return your house to normalcy.

With this comprehensive guide, you can learn more about water damage and how to remove the water properly.